Vilnius – Riga
from 9,50 €

Travel by bus from Vilnius to Riga with Eurolines Business Class and enjoy many advantages during your trip.

Try VIP seats, media centre or many other advantages during your travel to Riga. Are you going to Riga with your family? It’s great, we have a special offer for you! Read about it below. 


Common facilities in the bus


Travel to Riga in the new and very confortable Eurolines Business Class busses. 

  • Media centre with freem movies, music and e-magazines
  • Free wi-fi 
  • Power supply
  • Conditioning system 
  • Free bottle of water
  • Seat belt 
  • WC

Media centre, bottle of water and more leg room in the Eurolines bus.


VIP seats


Travel to Riga with more comfort – in VIP seats. There are 9 very comfortable and special VIP seats on the bus – 3 single and 3 double “Setra Ambassador” seats. So you can sit separately or together with your companion during your bus trip from Vilnius to Riga


Additional facilities for VIP passengers:

  • Very comfortable single and double “Setra Ambassador” seats   
  • Seats in front of the bus with best view 
  • More leg room and footrests
  • Free inflatable pillow
  • Free bottle of spring water  
  • More  free of charge luggage

Special sign is_vip in search results shows, that in this particular route you can buy VIP ticket and get all VIPs’ benefits while traveling.


Special offers: cheaper bus tickets


Travel to Riga with your family cheaper! Eurolines presents FAMILY TICKET and invites families to travel by bus up to 40% cheaper. All routes where FAMILY TICKETS apply, are marked by the symbol 

  • FAMILY TICKETS are offered to the groups of 3-6 persons including 1-2 adults and at least one child.
  • Two children up to 7 years of age travel FREE OF CHARGE.
  • For the third and subsequent children under 7 years of age – 50 % discount.
  • For children from 7 to 10 years of age – 50% discount.

Bus tickets online, family ticket


Virtual bus tour


Visit Eurolines Business Class bus before your travel from Vilnius to Riga – explore it on virtual tour!






Every day 


Leaving from:

Vilnius bus station


Departure time:

Four times a day 
Duration: up to 5 h.



Hand baggage up to 5 kg,
and two units each up to 15 kg
or one bag up to 30 kg


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