Good news for all our valued customers – now you can travel with Eurolines and save! Purchase three international Eurolines  tickets and get the fourth ticket half price!

All you need to do is present three Eurolines boarding card stubs at our ticket office in the bus terminal or travel agency, or send their electronic copies at info@eurolines.lt and you will get your fourth ticket at 50% off!

Loyalty Program Rules

  • The tickets must be purchased under your own name
  • The tickets may be purchased online, at a bust station, travel agency or on a bus. 
  • The submitted boarding card stubs must be for the trips that have already ended.
  • All Eurolines tickets qualify, no matter the route.
  • Both one-way and round-trip tickets qualify for the discount.
  • Both one-way and round-trip tickets get one boarding card stub that qualifies for the discount. 
  • You may purchase either a one-way or a round-trip ticket at 50% discount.
  • The half-price tickets, Promo tickets and any other tickets purchased on special conditions can not participate in this or any future promotion.
  • Refunds for tickets purchased at a 50% discount are issued in accordance with general refund policy. Tickets for earlier travels are not refunded. 
  • This loyalty program does not apply for children under 12 years.

How to purchase a Loyalty Program ticket

Let’s say you travel to Riga by a Eurolines bus. The next day, you ride from Riga to Tallinn, and return to Vilnius on the third day. You have accumulated three boarding card stubs in total, which means that you can now purchase one ticket at 50% discount.  There are three ways to do that:

  • Take a picture of your boarding card stubs and send it to us at info@eurolines.lt (or send the *PDF files if you purchased the tickets online) along with the message that you wish to get a 50% discount on your next ticket. 
  • Take the 3 boarding card stubs to the travel agency which sold you the tickets and get your fourth ticket at half price.
  • Take the 3 boarding card stubs to the Vilnius or Kaunas bus terminal and get your fourth ticket half price at the Eurolines international ticket office.

Budget travel has never been easier! Please contact us at info@eurolines.lt if you have any questions about his special offer.