Each passenger may carry free hand baggage, weighing up to 5 and 2 units of baggage, each weighing up to 15 kg (or one bag weighing up to 30 kg). Each extra 15 kg bag will be charged 8 euro.

According to the Eurolines carrier rules, the seat will be indicated by the bus driver. After loading the baggage, the driver will indicate your seat on the bus.

Insurance is optional, but we recommend to have it, to enjoy a trouble-free trip.

We apply 10 percent discount to students travelling with Eurolines.

According to the Eurolines carrier rules, pets are not allowed on international routes.

Yes, local times are indicated for all arrivals and departures both in tickets, and flyers.

After the departure of the bus, money for the ticket may be refunded in two cases: upon submission of a medical certificate (if an unexpected health problem prevented you from going on the trip) and a police certificate (if you were attacked, involved in a traffic accident or otherwise injured by other people and therefore late for the bus). In both cases, we refund 80% of the ticket value.

Yes, the bus has a toilet and you can use it throughout the journey.

You can send a parcel to a foreign country through our partners Siuntos Autobusais. Find more information at www.siuntosautobusais.lt, +370 37 40 90 69

Children can go alone to international trips from the age of 16. If your child is younger, you are invited to join him and travel to Europe with Eurolines.

There is free wi-fi internet connection on Eurolines Business class busses. 

Yes, travelling with Eurolines you can take your bicycle. However, the bicycle must be in a compact package not to take up much space in the baggage compartment. Also, if you are taking your other baggage, the bicycle will be charged as an additional unit of baggage – 8 euro

Yes, The FAMILY TICKET is available and international routes. Buy FAMILY TICKET and travel by bus up to 40% cheaper!

15-20 minutes stops are made about every four hours during all trips.